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S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference

S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Monday, September 10, 2018



Gregory Scoma, President of the World Table Hockey Association (WTHA), is continuing the pursuit of fulfilling the WTHA’s mission to “educate, preserve, develop and promote table hockey…one person, one community, one nation at a time!” by accepting an invitation to the “S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference” being held this year in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, September 10-13.


“S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference, is an exclusive and space-limited event designed to bring together sports event owners and rights holders with host organizations and sports-industry suppliers. Our unique format and limited number of supplier participants inspire the development of warm friendships and lasting new relationships which, we believe, is the most effective formula to ensure the results you most want to achieve—namely learning, sharing, enjoying and developing enduring sports business connections.”

“S.P.O.R.T.S. also offers pre-qualified, one-on-one appointments that are twice as long as those at similar industry events—two components we believe are key to generating real business and getting the most out of your conference experience!”

The WTHA is preparing Requests for Proposals (RFP) to publicize in the coming weeks.  So, when Carrie O’Connor, Director of Media Events, SportsEvents Media Group, extended an invitation and opportunity to the WTHA this year, Gregory graciously accepted on behalf of the WTHA and the table hockey community.

This is important to the WTHA, as it looks to find communities by publishing its RFP seeking to partner with two host communities in the USA and two in Canada for the WTHA’s Table Hockey concept, “Festival, Exhibitions and Championships” coming in 2019.

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” 

The WTHA’s business plan, based on extensive research, is designed to create win-win-win situations for table hockey and everyone involved — to include sports tourism, competitive table hockey players, and local charities. 

Ice hockey has a healthy ecosystem. There is a network of organizations — including suppliers, distributors, players, consumers, competitors, government agencies, and so on — involved in the delivery of ice hockey’s related products or services through both competition and cooperation. 

The table hockey community desires a healthier ecosystem. The WTHA is a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the table hockey ecosystem. 


About SportsEvents Magazine

The mission of SportsEvents Magazine is to help planners of amateur sporting events and competitions be more effective, informed and successful with their events. The editorial content includes “how-to” type articles written by recognized authorities, news and information relevant to sports event planning, spotlights on destinations and sports complexes, interviews and profiles, and other items of interest to the industry.

Examples of SportsEvents editorial topics include:

  • The “how-to’s” of organizing successful events;
  • Legal, liability and financial issues;
  • Spotlights on sports destinations and complexes;
  • News and rules changes from various sports governing bodies;
  • Fundraising ideas and advice;
  • Interviews with sports event planners; and
  • Much, much more.


About the World Table Hockey Association

The WTHA is the first and only bona fide government registered non-profit organization (NPO) representing table hockey in the United States and Canada. The WTHA is built to promote the development of a table hockey ecosystem. It is the only NPO in the world that promotes table hockey universally, is manufacturer agnostic, and is a nexus for players, collectors, historians, manufacturers, and organizers.1 

The WTHA has a loose affiliation with two other table hockey organizations in the European Union (EU) and non-EU eastern European nations including Russia and Ukraine.

The World Table Hockey Association (WTHA) was built on the Olympic model, national sport governing bodies incorporated in the United States in 2010, Canada in 2012, and international (parent organization) 2012. 

A Unique and Untapped Sports Opportunity

What sport can you promote where a female of any height or weight and a male of any height or weight and regardless of age could compete fairly against each other and the outcome only determined by skill, knowledge, and determination? Ice hockey? Basketball? Rugby? Baseball? 

If ever there was an untapped sports niche that could draw the public in great numbers where regardless of age, gender or size they could compete on equal terms it is the sport of table hockey that fills that niche! 

Trusted Partner with Host Organization Communities

As the non-profit 501(c)(3), table hockey association for the sport in the United States and Canada, the World Table Hockey Association (WTHA) seeks to become one the most trusted sports event owners for sports commissions and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to partner with and benefit their community.  

As an event owner, the WTHA takes its role and responsibilities seriously to be a positive, knowledgeable and good partner among the sport tourism community. The WTHA’s leadership sought and gained knowledge and guidance from experienced leaders in the sport tourism community to shape our approach. 

As evidence of our active participation, one or more of the WTHA’s leadership team has attended a total of five annual conferences, held formal information exchanges with sport tourism representatives at four, and delivered formal presentations before audiences at two conferences. All very well received. 



Members of the WTHA’s Board of Directors are situated in Anaheim, CA, USA; Chicago, IL, USA; Washington, DC, USA; Edmonton, AB, Canada; and Toronto, ON, Canada.


World Table Hockey Association®, Inc.
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 375
Washington, DC 20006 1811

Telephone Toll-Free USA or Canada: 1-855-500-WTHA (9842)


  • To educate, preserve, develop and promote table hockey worldwide…one person, one community, one nation at a time!
  • To gain recognition for table hockey as a competitive sport by the National and International Olympic Committees


  • National Association of Sports Commissions
  • Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
  • International Sports Heritage Association

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